Barcelona – Welcome to my world.

Barcelona – Lights, camera, action .

Barcelona – Powering through the mud.

Barcelona – Inflight entertainment for the fans.

Barcelona – Behind every driver is team work.

Hell – Many legs make light work

Hell – Driver’s eye view

Hell – Taking the rough with the smooth

Hell – Chilling with the crew

Hell - Heat control

Hell – Heat control

Holjes – Blooming fast

Holjes – Home front

Holjes – Another one fights the dust

Holjes – Talking Tactics

Holjes – Suspension travel

Holjes – Flight 19

Holjes – SuperCar Aircon system

Loheac – La dame du grande vitesse

Loheac – Polo dance

Loheac – Polo’s Gallic sandwich.

Loheac – Leading the way

Riga – Casting a shadow

Riga – Another day in the office

Fan zone – they listen

Fan zone – they pose.

Fan zone – they dance.

Fan zone – they come bearing gifts

Fan zone – getting things on their chest.

Fan zone – ready to race